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Proximity-Target Shooter

Astro One

You responded to a signal from an Unknown source, now you are stuck in an asteroid field. Dodge and Blast asteroids in the Right Colour Sequences and watch out for the comet shower. Collect as many gems as you can and try not to destroy your ship, again.

A Hyper-Casual Asteroid Shooter…because we all need a Hyper-Casual Asteroid Shooter!

Roblox character customizer

This is a character customizer I built, that is using Roblox's 3D layered clothing for an internal project. We were experimenting with the Role-Playing genre on Roblox where people will change their avatar's attire to play out multiple roles in their story.


Hi I’m Dean….An Artist, Game Developer and International Man of Mystery 

If you walk up to me and say ‘Hey Dean, What’s up?’ and I respond saying ‘Nothing much’, thats not the truth. I’m actually working on a game, but I don’t want to tell you…YET! You can come to this website for that. That’s just how game development works, and it also helps to not say much when you are an International man of Mystery.


Thanks for submitting!

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